Visual Marketing & Branding

As a commercial artist, I view myself primarily as a visual marketer.  I know that I am able to create esthetically compelling images, but if the image is off target in terms of my client’s marketing goals and business plan, then I have performed poorly.

Visual marketing is an amalgam of a developed artistic vocabulary, interwoven with business acumen, that then serves to create a branded message for the client.

I have hired creative services and have managed large projects.  I know how to spend money wisely.  The desired end product is not the result of throwing money and effort at a moving target.  Appropriate goals and expectations are the result of clear communications and proper planning.

I am hired to create a message that compels the viewer to believe that they have found what they are looking for.  As we know from our own experience, the consumer offers a narrow window of opportunity in which to capture their attention.  Successful visual marketing enables that window to remain open long enough so that a shift from mere curiosity to commitment occurs.